Terms of Service
§1 Scope
The general terms and conditions apply to all services provided by BEA Chauffeurs & Limousines e.K .. The version valid at the time of concluding the contract is relevant.

§ 2 representation
The BEA Chauffeurs & Limousines e.K. is not obliged to personal service provision. Especially in the case of short-term prevention and scheduling conflicts, BEA Chauffeurs & Limousines e.K. can provide services to other drivers and companies.

§ 3 chauffeur service
The service consists of the transport of persons in their own motor vehicle. Customers can use the service from any starting point. All BEA Chauffeurs & Limousines e.K. Chauffeurs are obliged to comply with the German Road Traffic Act (StVO). If a customer behaves in a traffic-threatening manner during an order, BEA Chauffeurs & Limousines e.K. may cancel the order at any time. The entire costs will be charged to the customer.

§ 4 Insurance and Limitation of Liability
The customer is obliged to provide sufficient insurance for the motor vehicle provided by them and to insure this is comprehensive insurance. Even if the motor vehicle is not fully comprehensively insured, the customer is also liable in case of grossly negligent behavior of the contractor for the resulting damage. Insofar as the contractor has not acted deliberately or through gross negligence, the customer shall bear a deductible agreed amount between the insurance company and the customer as well as the costs resulting from possibly increasing insurance premiums. The motor vehicle may not have any defects that could impair the roadworthiness of the motor vehicle in the sense of the StVZO. The driver’s assessment that the vehicle complies with the requirements of the StVZO does not exempt him from this obligation. The customer is responsible for the necessary accompanying documents (for example, registration documents, etc.) and is liable for all costs incurred due to technical defects in the vehicle and / or inadequate accompanying documents. The BEA Chauffeurs & Limousines e.K. is liable only up to the amount and in the context of their business liability insurance. The client or the person to whom the vehicle is handed over to according to the order must inspect the vehicle at the time of transfer or end of the journey. Damage, defects or other complaints regarding the execution of the order must be reported to the driver immediately. Claims from non-immediate complaints or claims are excluded.

§ 6 Cancellation periods
An agreed travel service (for fixed reservations) can only be canceled by the customer at the following times:
7-6 days prior to provision – 25% of the booking of the agreed amount
5-3 days prior to provision – 50% of the booking of the agreed amount
2 days prior to provision – 75% of the booking of the agreed amount
Cancellation fees from 24 hours before provision – 100% of the booking of the agreed amount
A cancellation must be made in writing. The contractor is further entitled to demand a reasonable replacement, even if the client is not to blame.

§ 7 Force Majeure
Strikes, technical breakdowns, weather-related emergencies, and lockouts or force majeure free the BEA Chauffeurs & Limousines e.K. from the fulfillment of the contract. In the winter months, especially in case of risk of ice and snow, the execution of confirmed orders can be refused for security reasons. The final decision on the execution of a contract lies with the vicarious agent of BEA Chauffeurs & Limousines e.K ..

§ 8 Ineffectiveness of contract provisions
Should individual provisions of this contract be or become invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this contract. The parties undertake to replace ineffective or invalid provisions by new provisions that meet the economic content of the ineffective or void provisions in a legally permissible manner. The same applies if there should be a gap in the contract. In order to fill the gap, the parties undertake to work towards the establishment of reasonable arrangements in this contract which come closest to what the contracting parties would have determined according to the meaning and purpose of the contract, if the point had been considered by them.

§ 9 Final Provisions
In addition to the general terms and conditions, German law applies. The BEA Chauffeurs & Limousines e.K. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes is the registered office of BEA Chauffeurs & Limousines e.K., Hanau.